2020 Exclusive Toronto Hat Lookbook

Made in Canada. 

Inspired by Toronto.

We reached out to you because we know you're passionate about Toronto.

We proudly welcome you to our 2020 Exclusive Toronto Hat Lookbook!

Our Toronto hat collection are the perfect accessory for your wardrobe this 2020 fall season, and feature a variety of designs to represent the diversity found within the city.

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The Toronto Rose Collection

Sometimes you just gotta keep it simple! Our rose hat is versatile, and can be worn by just about anyone proud of Toronto.

A must have for the proud Torontonian!


    TO Love.


For those bold enough 

to wear pink.


Toronto Rose x Cool River Blue


The Midnight North Collection

Inspired by those late night vibes our city is famous for.



The T-Dot Collection

Gold with a hint of Canadian red.



nickname that started it all.


Always reppin


Stars & Leaf Collection

For those who love bold.


Feel Good About Your Hat

We take great pride in our country, and we're proud to share our hats are 100% manufactured in Canada! In addition to supporting the local economy, this ensures our products are made with happy hands!

Our hats are manufactured using only organic cotton. They leave a lower environmental impact compared to conventional cotton. Earth first! :)

Through our partnership with our partnered charity, Lady Ballers Camp, proceeds of each sale of hat will go towards supporting girls in the Toronto area. This partnership helps send girls to sports camps and to other confidence-building activities. 

Each Cyanic purchase is an investment into our local charities.

Thank you for viewing our Lookbook!

Feel free to contact us through DM if you have any further questions.