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Background of the Huskies

STAFF GUIDE   FASHION Hello Cyanic Community, It’s Irmak again! I’m very excited to write this blog post since I’ll be sharing my interview with Burch Smith about our new Huskies Collection. In case some of you haven’t heard yet, we officially launched our new Huskies Collection on Friday, March 19! I couldn’t resist but ask Burch how the Huskies Collection came to life and what it represents! Let’s get into the details of our interview and learn more about Cyanic Clothing’s brand-new collection. Of course, my first question to Burch was the inspiration behind his design. Burch’s ultimate goal with this collection was to reflect the strength and togetherness in Canadian culture. The Huskies Collection tells the story of us,...

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Our Story

STAFF GUIDE   CULTURE Hello Cyanic Community! It is Irmak from Cyanic’s Communications Team! It is such a pleasure to have you on this blog! We are so excited to officially launch this, and use this platform to connect with you all and talk more about Cyanic’s vision, Toronto and fashion. Now you’re probably thinking “Okay, what’s this blog for?” Well, during the year, we’ve been endlessly brainstorming ways to educate our community, while keeping it fun. Our thoughts and ideas eventually led us to creating our first Club Cyanic blog where we will be sharing some awesome posts which will include interviews with local bloggers, artists, brands, photographers and more. You will have the exclusive opportunity to read about some...

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